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As wannabe minimalists, we all want clothes in our closets that will last us through the season in durability and style. Today wherever we look , we see stores flashing price points of Rs.299 on every corner, it can be hard to find the quality you need to sustain a small wardrobe.

But in addition to quality, there’s a whole other aspect to the clothing we wear that is slowly becoming more of a reflection. And that’s ethics.

Ethical fashion (or sustainable fashion) is based on wearing garments that do the least possible harm to the planet and the people in it. The main points focus is … how your clothes were made, where they were made, and who made them. There have been enough reports of sweatshops, child labor, and factory fires to know that much of what we buy in the Western world comes at the expense of those in the developing world.

Exploitation affects the farmer who picks the fibers in your average t-shirt, to the garment worker who sews it, to the child drinking water out of a dye-contaminated river.We hear about these things on the news and yet the next time we need new clothes, we go back to the same stores in the mall that are perpetuating the problem. Too often, we hear about the bad without being offered a solution.

So, as shoppers who think extra carefully about the clothes we buy, what can we do to lessen some of the harm?

We at Do U Speak Green ? have been striving to DETOX your wardrobe…. We do not expect you to change overnight but believe the small changes we start making will surely reflect the ethics we follow and the way ahead towards better sustainability towards mother earth.


Look ‘Hoo’ it is!

Wise Owl


The owl style is in! Fashionistas have chosen their bird of choice and it is none other than the wise owl.

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