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Why is Nature so Appealing to Spiritual Beings?


Yoga, meditation, spirituality and nature. These elements are intrinsically connected.

Through a stroll in the park, you feel at peace. Go into the mountains for a hike and suddenly all your anxieties vanish. A weekend of camping with friends and family kindle the fire of warmth and camraderie. Nature, on its own is a source of inspiration for some of the greatest art, music and literature known to man.

But, what is it that connects the spirit to the environment?

Ask the sun if it has to ever be told to rise. Query the rain if it needs a reason to provide water to millions. Speak to the wind and ask why it brings such a pleasant sensation to all that it touches. The elements of nature are constantly in a cycle of positive giving. They never ask why, they never demand in return, their job is to simply give.

But, what kind of a gift recipient are we? Do we ever thank the moon for its cooling beauty? Do we take a moment to cherish the rainfalls that happen so regularly?

Commune with Nature

Beautiful relationships are created when there are no expectations, no compulsion to give. Love exists in nature. It is unconditionally always giving. Spirituality is a way that individuals find a way to balance their lives. In nature, out of all other external sources, there exists a power to give without reason. To give filled with love. That is the essence of spirituality. We must give all we can without expecting in return. No time for the ego to rise.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama has said,

You see, taking care of the planet is nothing special, nothing sacred, and nothing holy. It is something like taking care of our own house. We have no other planet or house except this one. Although there are a lot of disturbances and problems, this is our only alternative.

After all, the human being is a social animal. I often tell my friends that they have no need to study philosophy, these professional, complicated subjects. By simply looking at these innocent animals, insects, ants, bees, etc., quite often I develop some kind of respect for them. How? Because they have no religion, no constitution, no police force, nothing. But they live in harmony through the natural law of existence or nature’s law or system.


In nature lies the secret of happiness and harmony.


Nature and Spirituality

Nature and spirituality are intrinsically connected

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