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Bamboo Clothing by Do U Speak Green

Bamboo T-shirts

YES ! Do U Speak Green ? Bamboo T-shirts are SUPER SUPER SOFT and highly addictive. Made from 70% Bamboo | 30% Organic Cotton…
Great fit. People are gonna touch you….. Made from the fastest growing natural plant on earth. You will love these T-shirts

The benefits of bamboo are abundant. Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is a resource that is not only sustainable, but also gives back to the environment. Beyond the environment, there are many benefits for the people wearing bamboo t-shirts. You can feel good about yourself when you wear a bamboo t-shirt. You can paint a smile on your face just knowing the material you are wearing is fed by rain. Just rain. Little drops from the sky. Your shirt didn’t need to be bathed with water resources we can’t afford. It wasn’t saturated with pesticides or fertilizers. It grew naturally, with the sun, the rain, the stars and the moon. Bamboo t-shirts feel smooth against your body and move with you beautifully.

Our bamboo t-shirts are ruckus-free. Just toss it in your washer, your dryer and back on your body. DUSG? bamboo t-shirts are tough, so you can be assured your shirt will look and feel like a million bucks from day one .

So now you know why you’ve made a smart decision in purchasing bamboo clothing. Give yourself a pat on the back. But what is this plant? Why is it such a wonderful substance?
First, because bamboo grows fast; it is the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows two inches per hour! You can sit there and watch bamboo grow during your lunch break.
And bamboo grows everywhere–it can grow at sea level all the way up to 12,000 feet, where the air is thinner but the views are great (which is why perhaps it makes the effort). There are more than 1,500 species of bamboo. It grows on every continent. It likes it wet or dry; bamboo can handle from 30-250 inches of annual rainfall, which is more than we can say for ourselves. The only places it doesn’t grow are the North and South Poles, and we don’t blame it. It’s not so pretty out there, and a little chilly.
Bamboo stalks mature in just three to five years. They don’t fight or argue with each other-they just reach up to grab the sun. What a nice way of looking at life. Most commercial tree species take 25-70 years to mature, which causes a bit of a problem-it’s hard to replenish them at the same rate we cut them down. We need and love our trees not just for shade and beauty, but for the life-giving oxygen they release. Which is another reason to love bamboo clothing. A bamboo grove releases 35% more oxygen than the same size stand of trees. That’s more air for us to breathe!
Bamboo shelters and feeds lots of critters; koalas love chomping on its leaves. Buddha said bamboo restores calmness and stimulates creativity. Buddha was a smart being. Just try on some of our bamboo clothing and see what you think.
Another reason to love bamboo: It grows an amazing root system. Those little feelers reach out into the soil to help prevent erosion. Imagine a net under the soil, holding everything in place. When heavy rains pour down, the roots are like a mother with a newborn; they don’t let go. (In places where clear-cutting has been practiced and which don’t have strong root systems, the soil is washed away-causing catastrophe and landslides.) In fact, bamboo keeps twice as much water in the watershed than commercial trees, often eliminating the need for irrigation and sprinkler systems. So plant a bamboo tree and make the soil happy, make the earth happy. Make yourself happy because that’s the most important thing in life.
Bamboo might be thought of as an environmental healer of sorts. It’s not afraid of scarred or deformed landscapes and it can be grown on damaged soil. Overgrazed by cows, sheep or goats? Plant some bamboo. It’ll bring back the soil. It will produce a crop every single year. Just one ‘clump’ of bamboo can produce over 200 poles. If you harvest the bamboo with love and affection, the roots not only live, they sprout new shoots again and again. The topsoil stays intact and the land is happy.

Bamboo likes to dance. When earthquakes hit, bamboo buildings sway with the rhythm and remain intact while their wooden neighbors are shattered. Following an earthquake in 1992 in Limon, Costa Rica, for instance, virtually all the houses were destroyed except for the bamboo ones. In Costa Rica, 1000 houses are built annually from just 60 hectares of plantation. Keep in mind, the wood we usually use would take 500 hectares just to build the same number of houses.
Bamboo also makes great furniture and flooring.
Not only is bamboo the fastest growing plant, but it’s strong. Bamboo is winning a lot of heavyweight titles. It’s stronger than oak; it can kick oak’s butt. It’s the most durable hardwood. If you throw a little lamination on it, bamboo is almost as strong as soft steel. It can withstand 52,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.
But bamboo isn’t just some tough, aggressive wood. Bamboo also has a softer side. Its shoots provide nutrition for millions worldwide. The Taiwanese, for example, eat 80,000 tons of bamboo shoots annually. The shoots also nourish lots of animals, including elephants and pandas.
Bamboo is also a healer and an entertainer. Tabasheer-the hardened secretion from bamboo-treats asthma and coughs. The root of the black bamboo treats kidney disease. Roots and leaves treat venereal diseases and cancer. Water from within the culm treats broken bones. Bamboo can be made into musical instruments. There are a million uses for bamboo. In China bamboo is known as ‘a friend of the people.’ Bamboo is our friend, too.

Warm Regards

Ulrich Viegas
Brand Manager – Do U Speak Green?


Everything You Should Know About Recycled Clothing

Recycled Clothing

We know you wonder what recycled clothing offered by Do U Speak Green is? Is it a resold garment? Or does it contain second quality material? NO! It is the same PET bottle, which once quenched your thirst on that hot day.

Yes! It is true; these special garments which we make, are made from the unique process of using the fibers sourced from recycled plastic (PET) bottles with a mixture of Recycled Organic Cotton waste, certified by Global recycled Standard (GRS). This is called . These bottles are refined and purified, chopped down and processed into spun fiber strands. These strands are then knitted or woven into fabric which makes our T-shirts.

These fibers were formerly known as EcoSpun fibers. They have a variety of characteristics; warm, durable, weather resistant, lightweight and comfortable and they are very, very soft to the touch. EcoSpun fibers can also be blended with other fibers, such as wool, cotton and tencel, for enhanced qualities.

The second question, which arises, is “What is the Benefit!” We are still using plastic, which should be banned. Yes! Your question is correct, but the problem is plastic needs about 450 years just to start decomposing. Then, it takes another 50-80 years to decompose completely. That means the first ever plastic which was made has not yet decomposed, it is there somewhere wandering on our planet.bag design 4

Do you know that the production of polyester fibers accounts for about 40-45% of total global annual fiber production?  About 65-70 percent of global polyester production is used for textiles, of which more than 65 percent is produced in China. The majority of the remaining 25-30 percent is used in the manufacture of PET beverage bottles.

The solution is EcoSpun recycled clothing. This miraculous process has the capacity to keep almost 3 billion plastic PET bottles out of the world’s landfills each year, saving over 1/2 million barrels of oil and eliminating 400,000 tons of harmful air emissions which contribute to acid rain, global warming and smog. The amount of petroleum saved by using post-consumer bottles instead of virgin materials in the manufacturing process annually is enough to supply power to over 100 villages in India for an entire year!

You can also contribute towards PCR just by selling your old PET bottles or food containers instead of throwing them away. Who knows one old bottle you sell, Goes into a t-shirt which someone might wear or Saves a piece of land on which a tree grows to save us from global warming and also, You save the energy which may lighten up a student’s desk who will contribute back to the world. Think what might happen before throwing that coke bottle away. Your one step just might save the world!

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