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Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with DUSG

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with Do U Speak Green
Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with Do U Speak Green

Earth Day (April 22nd ) is just around the corner! Such a meaningful day not only for all of us here at DUSG, but hopefully for you, our customers as well.
Climate change can seem like a remote problem for our leaders, but the fact is that it’s already impacting real people, animals, and beloved places. These Faces of Climate Change are multiplying every day. Fortunately, other Faces of Climate Change are multiplying too: those stepping up to do something about it.
How are you planning to celebrate mother Earth?  Are you planning relaxing moments in nature, planting in your garden and yard, volunteering at a recycling center, or taking part in your community’s “green” efforts and Earth Day celebrations?  Every little bit helps – thank you for doing your share.
As we celebrate Earth Day this month of April from 20-30th 2013, we want to celebrate with you, our customers, by bringing you something truly special

Save some Green!
Earth Day is around the corner – We at DUSG? are offering you 10% off on your total order. From April 20 – 30th 2013, save 10% when you enter coupon code “ERTHD22” Add this to our closeout or other sales and save even more!

Win a Free T-shirt!
Plant a tree and be the first 5 customers everyday starting from April 22nd – 23rd April 2013 to win a Free100% Organic cotton & Bamboo T-shirt . To win a Free T-shirt simply send a Photograph to us at or simply visit our Facebook page where you have a planted a tee and if you are lucky you will win a free t-shirt…..

Drawing competition for Kids 4-12 yrs
For all the Kids aged from 4yrs to 12 yrs – we want you to be part of this amazing day, all we need from you is an amazing sketch showcasing climate change and what it means to you. Get your parents to scan and send us the sketch at or visit our Facebook page and the first 20 entries selected by us will win a free T-shirt .


Mr. Cotton and Coco say ok to organic

One day Mr. Cotton was taking his son Coco to school – both engrossed in a deep thought, suddenly breaking the silence Coco asked – “Daddy, why is it good to go organic?” Mr. Cotton smiled at Coco and replied, “Son, it’s good to go organic because when you opt for an organic lifestyle, you opt for a  fresher and healthier way of life. It is good to use organic products, as you are saved from the various health hazards caused by pesticides and unnatural fertilizers.” Coco enthusiastically replied, “Even my teacher says that organic products are higher in vitamin C and E.” Mr. Cotton smiled at Coco and both of them moved ahead. Mr. Cotton picked up Coco in his arms and said, “And you know what!! Organic food products taste great!!”Both of them smiled and moved ahead.

Coco wanted to know more so he further asked, “But daddy my teacher also says, by choosing organic we also save the Earth. How is this possible?” Mr. Cotton replied, “Yes dear, that’s true, because when we opt for organic products we opt for a way of  life that will preserve the Earth and help to undo some of the damage that we all have already done.” Observing that his son is interested in the subject, Mr. Cotton further said, “You know, organic farming can also be a lifeline for small farmers, because they are not overburdened with the loans that usually they take to buy pesticides.”

Coco thought for some time and then asked, “But daddy, do we only have organic food products?” His dad replied immediately,” No son, there are various organic products available in the market, like organic spices, organic dairy products, organic meat, organic cosmetics, organic baby products and the latest entry is organic clothing.” In his innocence Coco said, “Oh! Then we have an array of products to choose from. So, isn’t that a great idea to say ok to organic and stay healthy.! I assure you dad that I will adopt an organic lifestyle throughout my life.” The school bell rang and Coco said bye to his dad and ran towards his classroom. Like Coco, would you also say ok to organic?


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