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Do U Speak Green? in Top 15 Sustainable and Ethical brands

DoUSpeakGreen in Top 15 Sustainable and Ethical Brands

Do U Speak Green? is proud to be featured in the latest international article 15 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Companies You Should Know About   with the likes of renowned brands like Beaumont Organic | Braintree Clothing | The Ethical Silk Co | MIMCO | Nudie Jeans | Pants to Poverty to name a few….
The simple but radiant styles will make you feel and look your best. At Do U Speak Green? we believe that the consumers deserves the Choice to buy CLOTHING they feel good to wear with the KNOWLEDGE of knowing HOW & WHERE they are produced.
We BELIEVE in creating high quality merchandise by Supporting the well-being of those who make our business possible..


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Farmer Suicides — Are we city people responsible?

Farmer suicide

Do you & I have anything to do with FARMER SUICIDES? Are we responsible in any way? I would say a firm NO.

Still, think about the question a little. The commoners and even Lords and ladies of Britain one century ago would have believed that they were not responsible the enslavement of cotton farmers in India. They would have said that they had nothing to do with the pricing policy for cotton imported from India and the textiles manufactured in the mills of Manchester. The British soldiers would have said exactly the same thing… because they were not the policymakers. Even individual MPs and who knows, the British Prime Minister and even King George or Queen Victoria might have said that they were not responsible for the chronic poverty and exploitation of Indian farmers.

Today, with the benefit of hindsight, I feel that all the people in Britain benefited from the Indian farmers’ helplessness… and therefore, they were responsible in some measure.

In a similar way, I feel we all are responsible for the economic helplessness that drives our farmers to suicide. Today, the British are no longer their oppressors. Today, with or without our knowledge, WE are the oppressors. The buck stops with us.

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