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Why Organic Clothing for Your Babies?

“Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hands of God” – Barretto

From the very first moment, when the news of a newborn arriving breaks through, everyone in the family goes into celebration mode. From handpicked toys to the promising advanced baby care products, every parent wants to protect their little young ones from any kind of danger in the world. But while picking up a crazy cute frock and a new top for their baby, parents ignore the fact of what these clothes are made of

In last few weeks, many people have asked us the question, “Why Organic Clothing for Babies? Here we are with the answer.

Your Baby’s Skin Is different:

Yes! Your baby’s skin is different from your adult skin, it is much thinner and much more porous, that is their skin can absorb anything on its surface easily at a much faster rate.  It produces less melanin and it is less immune to bacteria and harmful substances around them. Babies sweat less efficiently than you, making it harder for them to maintain their inner body temperature. This means that your babies are more prone to pesticides, insecticides and toxic chemical present in their clothing.

Organic Clothing is Carcinogens Proof! 

The greatest advantage of organic clothing is that it is chemical proof. Most of the clothing for babies often uses dyes that contain formaldehyde, bleach, or even carcinogens (cancer causing substances) in them.

According to the study done by Lotus Organics in US, “Millions of children receive up to 35% of their estimated lifetime dose of some carcinogenic pesticides by age of five through food, contaminated drinking water, household use, and pesticide drift”.

Organic clothing uses dyes that are safer for your babies. Choosing organic clothing for babies’ cuts down on their exposure to toxins at the very first level.

Your Baby’s Skin needs to breathe too!

Organic Clothing is more breathable than the conventional clothing. It is made with natural materials, which allows the air to flow more freely through it. Therefore, there is less chance of any allergic reaction from the clothing.

Your Baby’s Skin is Soft and Is more prone to rashes:

Since any slight roughness can result in bruises and rashes on your baby’s skin; therefore, it is very important that their clothes should be equally soft and smooth, which can only be given by organic clothing.

Quality is what infant wear seeks:

Organic Clothing does not leave any tiny dust particles, like many cotton clothes do; these particles can get into your baby’s respiratory tracts through nose and can cause coughs and even attacks of asthma. Organic clothing is a good water and moisture absorbent. Babies keep wetting their clothes frequently, which leaves rashes if the moisture is not absorbed quickly.

Organic Clothing Lasts Longer:

Because your baby cannot go to the toilet on his own and their clothes need to be absolutely germ-free; a baby’s clothes are washed constantly again and again. Conventionally produced cotton material lasts 10-20 washes before it starts breaking down. An organic cotton material lasts up-to 100 washes or even more before it begins to break down. This is because conventionally produced cotton’s fibers undergo tough processes like scouring, bleaching, dying, softeners, formaldehyde spray, and flame and soil retardant finishes before it is even sewed into the garment.

Farmers Take Care of Cotton Crops, Just Like You take care of Your Babies

Just like you keep away your babies from any kind dangerous chemicals, Farmers also keep their crops as their babies. Organic cotton is not farmed in the conventional ways.  Not a single drop of pesticides is used; rather, other safer methods to produce crops, such as crop rotation, physical removal of weeds instead of use of herbicides, hand hoeing, many more ways are used.

Therefore, farmers have better working environment, water quality is not compromised by run-off, and strong healthy soil is built. The end product is a cotton fabric that is toxin free and grown with sheer patience and love. 

The Long Term Benefit:

Remember how you used to enjoy sitting on the riverbanks with your father or go on nature’s walk with your parents. Also, how much you enjoyed going to trekking in the forests or just gazing towards the sky full of birds. Soon, all the rivers will be polluted, birds will die due to chemicals used while cultivating and there will be no more forests due to soil decay. Don’t you want to enjoy these moments with your kids too? Invest today for a better future tomorrow. Switch to organic clothing.

We narrowed down your quest for organic clothing; Do U Speak Green offers a wide range of GOTS certified organic clothing for your precious babies and your kids as well. We also have a wide range of styles for men and women. Switch to organic clothing today. Shop Here


Mr. Cotton and Coco say ok to organic

One day Mr. Cotton was taking his son Coco to school – both engrossed in a deep thought, suddenly breaking the silence Coco asked – “Daddy, why is it good to go organic?” Mr. Cotton smiled at Coco and replied, “Son, it’s good to go organic because when you opt for an organic lifestyle, you opt for a  fresher and healthier way of life. It is good to use organic products, as you are saved from the various health hazards caused by pesticides and unnatural fertilizers.” Coco enthusiastically replied, “Even my teacher says that organic products are higher in vitamin C and E.” Mr. Cotton smiled at Coco and both of them moved ahead. Mr. Cotton picked up Coco in his arms and said, “And you know what!! Organic food products taste great!!”Both of them smiled and moved ahead.

Coco wanted to know more so he further asked, “But daddy my teacher also says, by choosing organic we also save the Earth. How is this possible?” Mr. Cotton replied, “Yes dear, that’s true, because when we opt for organic products we opt for a way of  life that will preserve the Earth and help to undo some of the damage that we all have already done.” Observing that his son is interested in the subject, Mr. Cotton further said, “You know, organic farming can also be a lifeline for small farmers, because they are not overburdened with the loans that usually they take to buy pesticides.”

Coco thought for some time and then asked, “But daddy, do we only have organic food products?” His dad replied immediately,” No son, there are various organic products available in the market, like organic spices, organic dairy products, organic meat, organic cosmetics, organic baby products and the latest entry is organic clothing.” In his innocence Coco said, “Oh! Then we have an array of products to choose from. So, isn’t that a great idea to say ok to organic and stay healthy.! I assure you dad that I will adopt an organic lifestyle throughout my life.” The school bell rang and Coco said bye to his dad and ran towards his classroom. Like Coco, would you also say ok to organic?


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