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Why You Should Switch To Organic Clothing Today!

If you think that being pesticide free and made out of organic certified dyes is the only reason why organic clothing is good for you.. Then today we are gonna add a few more reasons to that list!

We know that your question “What is Organic Clothing!?” is still half answered. The fact is, it is organically cultivated and made according to the guidelines formed by organization such as Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) which guarantees that your T-shirt is not only pesticide free, but also it is not made by any use of genetically modified seeds, or any other chemical yielding aids. GOTS certifies, that what you are wearing is environmentally friendly from the state of raw material through to the finished piece.

Embrace Yourself! Do U Speak Green is GOTS certified.

So, coming to the main part the reasons why you should switch to organic clothing today, IMMEDIATELY! are:

1. It is The Latest Trend!

Trend is to develop or to change in a particular direction. And according to latest studies our planet is on the verge of breaking down. So, if gifting a safer planet to your loved ones is your motto, then you have got to follow the latest trend of Green Fashion!

2. Saves Your Food Lords “The Farmers”


Many times, due to crop failure and high input cost of conventional cotton, numerous farmers in India, resorted to suicide when they could not repay their loans. Also, most farmers cannot afford to buy Masks & gloves while cultivating the chemical greedy cotton; which puts their life and health in danger (see more here). Growing organic cotton is cheaper than growing conventional pest prone cotton. The input costs for organic cotton production, reduce over time, keeping the farmers debt-free even after a crop failure.

3. It is Great For Your Skin

If you have a sensitive skin and/or prone to allergies than organic clothing is your ultimate stop, because it is 100% chemical free at every stage of production. And even if you do not suffer from any chemical allergies or sensitivities, you will definitely feel better wearing pure, soft comforting organic cotton against your skin.

4. It is Always Premium Quality!

Organic clothing gives an awesome feeling when you wear it. Nothing compares to the soft, comforting, relaxing, and the purity of the Organic Clothing. If you are a quality freak! You now know where to buy from.

5. Its Long Lasting Just Like Your Pair of Denims

Hemp, a natural organic textile material, is resilient and a fast grower. And because of its long fibers, it has 4 times the strength of cotton, which makes it a more durable fabric. So if you are worried that your classic denim and T-shirt pair will not last, dear mate we have your solution.

6. It protects you from the sun

One wonderful feature of organic clothing made out of hemp is that they filter out UV rays on those hot summer days. And they also have antimicrobial properties which are again great for your skin.

7. Saves Your Mother Earth

Since, organic cultivation does not allow genetically modified seeds it saves arable land from drying up. As it is pesticide free the habitat of poor useful insects and other local animals remains unaffected and prevents pollution of soil and ground water.

Did You Know that conventionally grown cotton accounts for more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides use worldwide!

8. Saves Your Precious Water

Shockingly, there is less than 0.5% drinkable fresh water available on our planet. Most of it comes from lakes, ponds, ground and river, which gets contaminated by the chemicals used while irrigating and manufacturing. Organic clothing strictly prohibits any use of chemicals and saves your precious water. Also Material like hemp require little water to grow (1/20th Of cotton to be precise)

9. Saves Adorable Poor Animals

Many species of aquatic animals and insects are put into danger because of the chemicals used while growing conventional cotton.

10. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

If you are irritated with temperature increasing every day, your solution is Organic clothing. According to studies Organic cotton farming produces far less CO2 emissions and also due to Organic farming 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per acre per year is removed out of the atmosphere

Now that you know how you can benefit yourself and the world with Organic Clothing .. Switch today Get it here Do U Speak Green


Meet the modern day Earth warrior

We all hear about it in news bulletins, read about it in newspapers, we even discuss it in social and political gatherings. But very few of us act in order to curb the ever-rising global warming and climate change. Mr Shishir Goenka is different, however. He just does not sit and talk about the issue, but stands up for and acts upon it. This need to act has made him the proud owner of India’s first webstore for organic clothing – Do U Speak Green. Let’s hear Mr Goenka tell us about his journey from inspiration to investment.

First of all, tell us how you thought of organic clothing?

Well, I have been actively involved in wildlife conservation for a long time. For the last 10-15 years, I have been hearing a lot about global warming, climate change, green house effect and carbon emissions. I kept a track of national and global meetings on the issues, attended meetings and discussions at various levels. But all these meetings and discussions seemed futile, as with every passing year, the situation only got worse. This invoked me to think about the future. It made me think about what I will pass on to my children and then to my grandchildren!

I realized that unless each one of us puts in some effort, even if a small one, things will not come under control. As an owner of a textile company and a human being, I wanted to contribute to the environment. I knew that only making money was not enough; we need to be able to pay back to Mother Earth as well. This is the reason I came up with the concept of organic clothing in India.

Are you also involved with other conservation activities?

Yes. Apart from production and sales of organic clothes, we, as a company, do our bit conserve the environment. We contribute 10 per cent of the total sales from our webstore – Do U Speak Green – towards the cause of environment conservation. In addition to that, we are also actively involved with various conservation activities in India. We regularly sponsor tree plantations under the Plant Life Campaign of Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). We also encourage the usage of alternative sources of energy by sponsoring solar power lanterns for villages in India through the Lighting a Billion Lives campaign by TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute).

As an  entrepreneur and a citizen activist, what is your mission?

It is our mission to contribute to the cause of a better natural environment with the help of fellow citizens. Do you know that when someone buys our products, not only are they sporting clothes which contain no harmful chemicals, but are also contributing to the environment in 3 ways? Firstly, they are encouraging the growth of Organic Cotton, which helps keep the land free of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Secondly, part of the amount is directly contributed by our company  to BNHS which will help them undertake more conservation activities. And last but not the least, they are indirectly helping the farmers get higher realizations of money.

Would you like to give a message to youngsters?

I just want to say that the planet Earth is the only one to have life. Live life and save life on Earth!

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