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Why The Time Is Right To Go Organic

The market for organic textiles and fashion is growing, currently it is estimated to have grown by 10% in the last year. Soil Association Certification, the UK’s leading certifier of organic products to Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS), saw the turnover of its textile symbol holders grow by 36% in 2013, with much of this growth export-led. Organic fashion and textiles are taking the lead in this growth by offering truly kinder, cleaner and better products. Under GOTS the whole supply chain, from field to final product is certified AND we against environmental, animal welfare, social and working standards, ensuring that disasters like Rana Plaza will never, ever happen again. Organic is the most reliable, transparent and rigorous system available across the globe for ensuring sustainable production. When it comes to making sustainability claims you can trust, nothing beats it. In India Do U Speak Green? is a leading brand in Organic Clothing and at Do U Speak Green? we use sustainable blends of Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Modal and even Post Consumer Recycled Polymers (Recycled polyester) blended with Organic Cotton waste, to produce stylish clothes at an affordable price.

Do U Speak Green?
Do U Speak Green?

Here are five reasons organic should be on your radar: 1. Organic gives control to farmer, not GM companies – organic farmers don’t have their choices controlled by GM companies, meaning choices are put in the farmers’ hands. 2. Organic eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides – organic cotton doesn’t use dangerous pesticides, protecting farmers’ lives, local wildlife and the environment. 3. Organic helps farmers feed their families – organic cotton enables farmers to grow other crops for food and income, providing food security for local communities and helping them find a way out of poverty. 4. Organic helps save precious water – organic cotton uses less water, preserving a scarce and precious resource for the future. 5. Organic helps to combat climate change – organic cotton farming uses less energy and healthy organic soils store more CO2. So, come and enjoy Organic Clothing Exclusively in India @ Do U Speak Green, for more details visit the link below:-


Shishir Speaks Green

The founder of your favourite organic line of clothing in India today speaks on what brought about this revolutionary new movement about.

“Our inspiration for Do U Speak Green came about due to the absence of smart looking clothing for the nature lover & also absence of Organic Clothing in India. Most importantly, I have a passion for Wildlife & helping preserve our Natural Environment hence the decision to contribute 10 % of Sales for the environment.

Risks / Obstacles are that in India online sales of Clothing is still to pick up & not many people are aware of the need for Organic. We have therefore put up a Video on our webstore showing how the cultivation of conventional cotton is killing farmers – they do not have protection from pesticides & also the soil & environment is damaged.”

The green movement is growing strong with thousands of people supporting the cause in Mumbai alone. With the newest store opening in Atria mall in Worli, the movement is here to stay.

Says Shishir, “We are targeting all citizens who care for their own & their children’s future. It is our mission to contribute to the betterment of our natural environment with the help of our Citizens. When someone buys our products, not only do they sport clothes which do not contain harmful chemicals, but are also contributing to the environment in 3 ways. They are encouraging the growth of Organic Cotton which helps keep the land free of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. The amount is directly contributed by our company to BNHS which will help them undertake more conservation activities. And last but not the least they are indirectly helping the farmers in higher realizations of money & keeping them healthy & debt free.”


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