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Three Tips on Planning a Green Wedding

Green Wedding

Marriage is one of the three biggest occasions in anyone’s life (birth & death being the other two). So, making it a green one, can have a huge positive impact on the environment with the right planning.

There are several aspects of weddings that can be more environmentally aware and friendly. Let’s take a look at a few today.

1. Invitations – Traditional wedding card invitations utilise several gallons of petrol in transporting each one to its destination. Even more so if foreigners are invited. Not to mention the thousands of trees that have to be cut in order for your momentous occasion to be recorded.

  • Utilise a green printer – someone that uses recycled paper to send out the invitations along with vegetable based inks instead of chemical ones
  • Send out an evite wedding invitation only – you can save a ton of money by making your invitations by email only! And you don’t have to hold back on the creativity. Hire a graphic or flash designer to make your wedding evite a beautiful and special one.

2. Venue – The place you hold your wedding at is a key contributor in the pollution that will happen. If the venue offers food services, make sure that they source only local and organic vegetables for the menu. Plan that each plate used at the wedding can be re-used or make sure they can source beautiful but recycled plates for the wedding.

  • Ensure that the venue recycles and uses no plastic based cups, plates or silverware
  • Ensure that if they are making the menu, that all the ingredients are local & organic
  • Try to have 1 venue for all events (wedding & reception)
  • See if there are tents or other accommodations available on-site so that most of your guests don’t have to travel back & forth during the wedding itself

3. Menu – The best food at a wedding is a local organic vegetable based feast. You can do many things with seasonal fruits and veggies. Delight your guests with a fully vegan menu. Leave them in shock when you tell them that the ice cream that you fed them was locally prepared utilsing cashew/almond milk and not traditional cream and sugar. It will drive them wild!

  • Go for a vegan feast option
  • Source vegetables & fruits locally – nothing to be imported
  • Have it a service based affair – no buffets that may require your guests to use multiple plates
  • If a buffet, ensure that only 1 plate per person is distributed by the caterers
  • All the leftover food can be donated to local homeless shelters or other charitable causes

These are just three simple ways to plan an environmentally free, organic and green wedding. Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear them!


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