Do U Speak Green?

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Green Business

Triple Bottom Line Economic Principle followed by Do U Speak Green?

Triple bottom line

We believe our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line — social responsibility, environmental soundness, and economic viability — makes good business sense, so we have made it a top strategic priority

The concept of the triple bottom line means that business success is no longer defined only by monetary gain but also by the impact an organization’s activities have on society as a whole.

• Vibrant communities (People): An organization has a responsibility to its employees and to the wider communities in which it works. A triple bottom line company understands how its practices affect the corporation, its workers, and wider stakeholders, and it works to promote all of their best interests.

• A healthy environment (Planet): Without question, committing to sustainable environmental practices is good business. Corporations can save money and reduce their environmental footprints by reducing waste, conserving energy, and maintaining environmentally safe manufacturing processes.

• Strong profitability (Profit): Clearly, making money is essential to business success. A triple bottom line company, however, recognizes that its own sustainability rests on its ability to work harmoniously in its social and environmental settings. For this reason, the costs of pollution, worker displacement, and other factors are included in profit calculations.



Lifecycle of an Organic T-shirt

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides & chemicals.Organic Cotton helps prevent farmer suicides as they get better prices & yields & also do not need to use harmful pesticides which affect their health. Organic Cotton also improves the soil fertility & restores natural balance to the ecosystem.

Here, we witness the process of #organic cotton from farm as a pod to sustainable organic yarn and finally to the natural knitting and #dyeing process. is one of the premier #GOTScertified organic cotton manufacturers in India.

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