By now, if you’ve shopped at Do U Speak Green? or any environmentally friendly organic apparel company, you know that organic is good for the environment.

Indian farmers apply pesticides which harm the soil, crop, water, animals and also the workers themselves because pesticides contain cancer causing agents.

Did you know that currently less than 1% of the fabrics grown around the world are organic cotton? Even though they pollute the environment, endanger the lives of farmers, farm workers, pesticides. According to the World Health Organization, more than 20,000 deaths each year are caused by pesticides. Thousands of farmers die from cancer caused by the pesticides.

Here are a few ways in which organic cotton is better than traditional 100% cotton wear.

Allergy reduced. People with allergies and chemical sensitivity especially benefit from organic cotton clothing, as conventional cotton may retain harmful toxic residues. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, organic cotton will just feel better against your skin.

No chemical. Grown with natural rather than synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Better Livelihoods. Organic farmers get higher realization and better livelihoods.

Toxins from cotton farming seep into snack foods and other consumer products, as well. The stopping of traditional poison spreading cotton farming requires an effort from those who understand the importance, people like you to choose only organic. Before purchasing during a sale, just think about the human, animal and environmental cost of the products. Not just the final monetary price.