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May 2013

Jetset Times Interview with Shishir Goenka

jetset-dusg-images-6Travel magazine JetSet Times has a new feature with DUSG founder, Shishir Goenka. In it, Shishir reveals some great tidbits about eco-friendly tourism, his favorite Indian restaurants and also shares the story of how and why DUSG became India’s first organic clothing web store. Read the full article here.


5 Ways to Green Your Closet

closet-organization-green  Five ways to green up your closet.

1. Plan Your Clothing Purchases – Ensure you take a good stock of what clothes you currently have, which ones you hardly wear anymore and the ones that you need to update. Fashion changes often and luckily there are organic cotton brands available that have eco-couture for every new season. Ensure you buy clothes that you need – and not another pair of unneeded pants.

2. Buy Organic – You can’t be green without first ensuring that your entire collection of clothing is slowly moving towards organic cotton and bamboo clothes. There are literally countless benefits of organic to the environment, to the farmers that produce the crops for your clothes and also to your body which no longer needs to attach itself to toxin-laden traditional clothing.

3. Wash Green – You don’t have to wash your clothes on a stone to be organic. Simply wait until you have a full load of laundry before visiting the laundromat and you’ve already become a little greener than before.

4. Wear for the Occasion – Do not wear new clothes when you’re mowing the lawn, washing the dishes or cleaning up your room. Utilize clothes based on their condition for the proper occasion and you will be ensuring a longer lasting wardrobe, which in turn will delay your new purchases. Again, helping the environment.

5. Know the Product – Soy based everything is available nowadays. So is soy based clothing. You will even encounter corn based clothing. But let one thing be abundantly clear – not all the new “green” clothes available are what they proclaim to be. Soy and corn fabrics take several natural resources to be made.

Awareness is the greatest asset of a greenie and now, you’re a little bit greener for just having read this article.

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