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February 2013

Think Green. Go Green.

Think Green. Go Green. (Image courtesy thomashawk on Flickr)
Think Green. Go Green. (Image courtesy thomashawk on Flickr)

Don’t let your child blame you one day for leaving them without a clean earth.

We all realize that the planet is definitely changing and resources, such as money and oil don’t come around as easily as it once may have and with the price of virtually everything on the rise the least bit of extra cash can be the most bit of helpful. With only few small adjustments to your daily routine we can lower energy costs, save money and ultimately help save the environment as well.
While global warming and the oil peak aren’t the first things we think about when we wake up, this doesn’t make them any less important or have any less impact on our lives, so why not take a few simple steps to save our planet and keep a bit of money in your pocket.
You may or may not know that even when electronics such as kitchen appliances, cell phones chargers, laptops, and televisions are off and still plugged in they’re still pulling electricity that’s not even being used, usually referred to as “phantom electricity”. Yet you still end upon paying for it and the US Department of Energy reports that nearly 75% of the electricity used to power our homes is consumed when these items are off. So before you leave your house in the morning make sure to unplug those devices that aren’t being used, or invest in smart power strips that sense when devices are off and stop phantom electricity and you could save nearly $400 year on your electricity bills.
With gas prices rising, we can take a few preventive steps to help us save money on gas. Remember to keep on the maintenance of your car: a poorly maintained car can use up to 50% more gas than it normally would and emits twice as much carbon dioxide. And of course try to start a local carpool between friends and coworkers.
A few simple adjustments to you daily routine can help you become a greener consumer. You can start off by using less plastic, take advantage of reusable grocery bags.

These are just a few of the ways you can go green. To take the next step, visit Do U Speak Green?


Going Green is Good for the Economy

Image Copyright The New York Times Company, Emiliano Ponzi
Image Copyright The New York Times Company, Emiliano Ponzi

A piece in the New York Times editorial section recently talks about the tremendous jobs that going green can make. His viewpoints are written specifically for the United States but may be applicable to a global green movement.

Read the entire article here.

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