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October 2012

Scary Facts about the Environment – Happy Halloween

Scary Environmental Facts

Vampires, zombies, werewolves, and ghosts are scary. But nothing is as frightening as some of these true environmental facts. If we do not change the manner in which we consume energy and products today, we will be living out some of these horrible truths very soon. Energy: World energy demand in 2050 will be 80 per cent higher than today, with most of the growth coming from emerging economies. Without a change in policy, up to 85 per cent of our power will come from fossil fuels.

Emissions: Greenhouse gas emissions will increase 50 per cent, driven in large part by a 70 per cent rise in energy-related CO2 emissions.
Temperature: Without a radical shift in policy, the world is on course to experience a six degree rise in temperatures by 2050, far surpassing the two degrees scientific consensus considers to be ‘safe’.
Forests: Mature forests, safe-havens for biodiversity, are set to shrink by 13 per cent as agriculture expands. However, climate change is set to become the fastest driver of forest loss by 2050.
Water: Global water demand is set to rise by 55 per cent, mainly due to a 400 per cent increase in consumption for manufacturing. Around 40 per cent of the world’s population will be living in areas of water stress by 2050.
Waste: 1.4 billion people will still be without access to basic sanitation in 40 years’ time, and nutrient pollution from urban wastewater and agriculture is expected to worsen in almost all regions.
Air quality: Air pollution is set to become the world’s top environmental cause of premature mortality and, by 2050, exposure to particulate matter is forecast to result in more than 3.6 million premature deaths.
Cost: Delayed action to tackle environmental issues could mean the cost of mitigating environmental damage will go up by 50 per cent, while acting immediately to lower emissions up to 70 per cent by 2050 would take just 5.5 per cent of global GDP per year.

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5 Reasons to Shop Local

Organic Farmers’ Market

Why is shopping local so important? We are all familiar with the concept of shopping organic and buying things that are environmentally friendly. But, now this new element of “local” shopping.

Here are some reasons:

1. Money Stays Near

By relying heavily on importing or exporting, countries lose their local wages, local jobs and local flow of revenue. It’s important to support grassroots organizations to stimulate the economy.

2. More Charities Receive Money

Local businesses tend to donate more to local charities, thereby benefiting not just the economy but good causes. Do U Speak Green? donates 10% of each sale to organizations with a proven record of affecting change for environmental causes.

3. Environmental Impact is Reduced

Ever heard of the carbon footprint? Basically if an apple is grown in a local farm, delivered by local means, it needs to travel less and exert less fuel to get to you. If the same product is then retrieved from thousands of miles away, more fuel gets used in transporting more or less the same thing!

4. More Jobs

Local businesses hire locally. It’s as simple as that. It gives your neighbors more money and keeps everyone happy.

5. The Customer Wins

Local businesses will always be there and provide a better level of service than an international brand selling the same product. You will have direct access to the vendor and registering complaints or compliments will be that much simpler.

The local economy flourishes, the customer gets better service and the environment benefits. What are you waiting for? Find an organic market near you and support your local businesses.

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