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September 2012

Benefits of Organic Cotton Farming

Organic Cotton Field

A helicopter soaring through the winds ejected a pale grey smoke over the farm. Puffing along the copter caught hidden behind the meadows but what is this fragment of smoke muffled over the farm and now massively submerging the surrounding air into its foul smell – the answer can be said even with the burning eyes kept close – PESTICIDES, the so called friend of farmers and toxic for the greenies who are aware.
That shiny, white, cloud like soft versatile natural fiber cotton covered underneath and at times sprayed with poisons. Cotton is used for varied industries, prominently textile. It has a leading demand worldwide and is categorized as a cash crop. To cope up with this demand, mankind has sailed towards a shortcut of inorganic farming methods – application of pesticides and few mechanics. But it has sprung many dire and earth shaking consequences because of it. It has harmed wildlife and human race as well. Multitudes are clasped in the palms of fatal diseases like cancer, skin diseases, genetic deformations for upcoming generations, etc. its influence will stay intact for few chains of centuries, even if its application is shaken off. The seeds of toxicity are sown very deeply without a concern that even the sweetness of the atmosphere, soil and ground water beneath the stratum of the earth is contaminated enormously.
We do have a resolution called Organic – the method to escape such a catastrophe yet we are reluctant to pursue it. Our purpose is to deliver vigilance and demonstrate irrefutable benefits and gather up advocacy to spread further. Organic farming emphasizes duly upon the discreet ways to explore and fortify the society and ecosystem against any damages. As we rip away the application of the pesticides apparently all its negative effects pull over. No compromises are made with the health of the farmers. The farms entangled in the influence of the pesticides are barbed to enter for a particular time after its application but due to lack of awareness people do not take precautions and continue working in the farm ceaselessly which results in the health of the farmer.

But there is a ray of hope to ignore the trend and use organic farming methods. It has ingenious ways which steadfast eco-friendly processing which ultimately leads in the reduction in occurrence of allergies, fertility of the soil is maintained and soil structure is improved as the prevention of soil erosion turns stronger. Moreover the product obtained is comparatively healthier like in the case of cotton the quality of the cotton extracted through organic farming is better than the one through the conventional methods of farming. There are lot more advantages which nature brings with it through the medium of Organic Farming.
Nature is a part of everyone’s life not solely of human race but entire bio-diversity. So let us stay ardent to render into an eco-friendly GREEN LIFE!!!


Benefits of Yoga

As a corporate businessperson you need to balance life and work pressure in a simple way. How? Learn to master the art of yoga.

Yoga is the one ancient art that is being revived by thousands of people worldwide. Millions practice it daily and feel its benefits. From the art of breathing to the masterful mindfulness of each asana (move), yoga is designed for all to do. There are even types of yoga for kids.

If you’re living an overall organic and holistic lifestyle, then there’s definitely a great need to infuse yoga into your daily routine. lists a few yoga poses you can do while at work.

Arm Stretch

1. Interlock your fingers and extend your arms outward, straight in front of your shoulders. Your palms should be facing outward. 2. Slowly raise your hands overhead, stretching all the way from the waist. Work on straightening your elbows. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds, relax, and try again.

Chair Twist 1

1. Sit on the edge of your chair, sideways with your left side facing the chair back. 2. Throughout the pose, keep your feet and knees together and even. 3. Place your hands on the chair as shown. 4. Inhale while straightening your spine. As you exhale, twist toward the back of the chair, twisting from the very bottom of your spine — pushing with your left hand and pulling with your right hand. 5. Repeat the inhalation/straighten, exhalation/twist series several times. 6. Release and switch sides.

Chair Lower Back Stretch

1. Sit in your chair and widen your legs so they are wider than hip-distance apart. 2. From the hip crease, bend forward and allow your entire body to relax. You can round your back. Drop your head and completely relax your neck. 3. If you are not completely comfortable, try putting a rolled blanket or towel at the hip crease and lean over again. 4. Hold this pose as long as you like, allowing each exhalation to relax your body and mind a little more. Sit up on an inhalation, pause for a few moments, and try again.

Warrior 2

1. Place the back of a chair against the wall. 2. Stand with your left side toward the front of the chair, your feet 2-1/2 to 3 feet apart. 3. Place your left foot on the chair. The heel of your left foot should be roughly parallel with the arch of your right foot. 4. Extend your arms, shoulder height, palms facing downward. Relax your throat, neck, and shoulders. 5. Slowly bend your left knee into a right angle. Continue to keep your back leg straight and your back foot pressing into the floor. Look straight ahead or out over the hand over the chair. 6. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Release and switch sides.


Tree Pose

1. Stand with your left side facing the wall, feet together. 2. Bend your left leg so your knee touches the wall and your foot is on your inner right thigh. 3. Place an old tie around your shin if you need help keeping your left up. 4. Press your foot into your thigh and your thigh into your foot. 5. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, then release and switch sides. 6. As you progress, you will no longer need the tie or the wall.

So, get stress free immediately with yoga practice today.

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