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August 2012

Inner Wellness – Green Speak for the Spirit

Inner Wellness – Green Speak for the Spirit


If you have had heard your conscience then you surely have ventured into the questions of “who am I”, “what is my life’s goal?”, “where am I going?”

The tread over the path of life must go on. The nature of life is just ever-changing. Any attribute whether it is related to time, age, and potential energy or circumstances it is ever-altering. And to withstand such life, the ‘inner wellness’ is a must.  Inner well being is about cultivating a positive attitude, concepts which lead you in a dynamic flow. And to retain such inner wellness your existence must pertain in crystal clarity about your own existence.
Our existence is covered with four entities body, mind, consciousness and emotion. Body is related expression of attitude and prevails over the physical actions.
Fill your mind with constructive thoughts. Yoga, exercise, and outdoor activities help in emptying out the garbage that we collect from the world. Meditation is a way to build a positive fortress around us so that even when faced with daily duties and activities, we remain in a state of connection with the core of love and peace.

By being conscious of what we take in – whether it is through the food we eat, the television we watch, the music we hear… and to be aware of that we give back to the world – yelling at the cabbie, being annoyed while traveling, having a fight with colleagues at work.

The mind picks up the disturbances and stores them deep within our psyche. So, in order to fill it with only goodness, we need to start leading life with a bit more awareness. Did we need to eat that entire bag of popcorn or was half actually sufficient? Do we need to buy so much that we need to find additional storage space? Can we find it in our hearts to let go of some of our favorite possessions and donate them to those who truly need them?

These are the small steps we can take daily to develop our inner wealth. Won’t you try some and let us know how they worked out for you?


A Conversation between the Environment and Humans about Water & Energy

“Population explosion, expansion of urban areas and augmentation in industries- all the causes of deforestation, water resource exploitation, and the ultimate cause to rip my beauty” says the environment, “ how do we confront it” the environment continues.

Humans too brood over the inadequate water resources, uncertain rainfall, and that is also not uniform over the whole earth. Image

If God granted nature a mouth to express its grief it would have countered humans for their brutality. But think there is no need to give them one because we’ve got soul in our heart that can understand them to ‘care’ unless we realize that we, too, are one of the chapters of environment. There is much to be shared about the connection between the environment and water and power supply.

Sunlight, air, water or food are basic elements necessary for the survival of any life on earth. Everyone is blessed to consume that from the environment. But let us talk about water, a resource that is essential for life. At the origin of the earth the precipitation in the form of rain was the first ever resource. And with the evolution of earth, the water got stores in vivid fragment of the earth massively.

It is estimated that 453 cities on earth consume 16,814 MLD (million litres per day) of water, daily! The primitive needs of water were much less, but with the progress of time man not only progressed with his intelligence but also population thus the greed.  From the very beginning the civilizations, later transformed to cities, sprung up on the banks of torrents or satiated from lakes. But there are some towns too which are born far away form any water mass. Some places are over-flooded with water while some left arid overwhelmingly- humans faced both whether it I was natural cause or man’s own.

A resolution became a need. Man built barriers like dams and barrages across the rivers and engineered reservoirs and canals for the conveyance of water, and the installation of turbine generated electricity. These were used domestic, sanitation, agricultural and industrial purpose. Additional facts-It takes 5,670 litres (1,500 gal) of water to process one barrel of beer; 454 litres (120 gal) of water are used to produce one egg; it takes 45 litres (12 gal) of water to process one chicken; 147,000 litres (39,000 gal) of water are used to manufacture one new car; About 25,700 litres (6,800 gal) of water is required to grow a day’s food for a family of 4; It takes 7,000 litres (1,850 gal) of water to refine one barrel of crude oil.

And subsequently large extent of land has submerged in deforestation, excavations were held and areas were barbed to construct power grids. And this water is treated before using it and processed water is, eventually, ditched untreated that contaminates the large water masses. These resources are not only used by human but every wildlife is getting affected adversely, and are left to their extinction helplessly. The beauty of environment is getting destroyed.


The consequences are so harsh that even ground water has got depleted; ground level is getting down and nothing to replenish it back. The cloud which used to trickle water in abundance that stopped as trees lack to attract them.

The environment is at risk save it before it perishes further.

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