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March 2011

Dealing with Climate Change

How can we adapt to the inevitable global warming happening all around us?

Why do people in Siberia wear huge coats? Why do people down south drape themselves in dhotis and traditional cotton gear? It’s to adapt to the weather and be comfortable enough to carry on with their days as smoothly as possible.

“Scientists expect ever-bigger weather swings as warming disturbs the global balance,” explains Sevda Holland. ”

As the globe’s needs become versatile, so do our clothing styles. A slowly deteriorating world brings the need for accessible clothing and eco-friendly apparel. There’s no question or doubt that this is exactly what is best for our bodies and styles.



Tiger Population in Rise in India but for how long?

tiger population rise
More than 1700 tigers now roaming

Wildlife experts and tiger lovers the world over rejoiced to hear the news yesterday that the tiger population was on the rise in India. This momentary joy was, however, not taken without some reservation.

The environment in which the tigers live is quickly being destroyed, by businesses that are overrunning good forest land with factories of pollution and destruction.

Furthermore, MSNBC reports that “Shrinking habitats have brought the wild cats into conflict with farmers who live near tiger reserves and poachers who kill them for pelts and body parts, highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine.”

The population of tigers is on the rise, but continued efforts must be made by supporting causes & signing petitions that prevent the spread of capitalists gone wild.

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