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December 2010

The Mothball Prophecies

Mothballs are made up of pesticides that can cause harm to animals and humans both. Some of them are even carcinogenic and should be stopped from usage all the time.

So what can you do to ensure that your linens and clothes don’t get attacked by moth eggs and moths? Well, for starters, make sure your clothes are desert-dry when you store them. Also ensure that there is enough space between each piece of clothing so that moisture does not develop.

Additionally, if you’re one for purchasing organic substitutes for mothballs, the best bet is to get a cheesecloth and stuff it with bay leaves, cedar shavings, cinnamon sticks, cloves, eucalyptus leaves, lavender, peppercorns, rosemary, wormwood. Just make sure none of this stuff comes into contact with the clothes directly.

A greener & aromatic replacement for mothballs has arrived!


Jairam Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh, Environment Minister, India

India’s leading green mover is the minister of environment Jairam Ramesh. The man gained quite a lot of attention while attending international global green events this year. He’s most known for his practical approach to the green movement in India and is also recognised the world over for the same straightforwardness.

“We need to put electricity into people’s homes and we need to do it cleanly,” he said last August. “You in the West need to live with only one car rather than three. For you it’s about luxury. For us it is about survival.”

Such simply but eloquently put truths can only come from a true greenie. We hope that Jairam realises that India’s growth depends directly upon the treatment of our environment and finding balance between convenience and global responsibility.

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