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June 2010

Adopting An Organic Lifestyle – A believers Tale

A large part of our friend-circle is abroad – America to be specific.
After our MBA, only few of us decided to return to India while the rest
found jobs there and stayed on. Year before last, Jyoti & Haroon visited
us in the summer. That’s when our initiation into ‘organic life’ began.

During their stay with us, both would constantly criticize the food
we were eating, our lifestyles, and generally, everything about our
urbanized way of living. Just as their criticism was getting on our
nerves; one night after a few drinks, Haroon sat me down and asked
me to watch a documentary he had brought along. He said, “don’t take
it from us, see it for yourself. Leading this modern life using all these
products chemically enhanced by multinationals will harm you very

We watched this documentary in utter disbelief. It detailed with
evidences and examples the various kinds of harmful chemicals and
fertilisers that go into the foodstuffs that we consume everyday and its
horrendous consequences. It was the same case as far as clothes and
cosmetics were concerned. They all very regularly causing harm to
our body and health. The documentary also revealed the how the eco-
system and the earth is being adversely affected as a result of continued
and vast usage of harmful chemicals.

The video left us feeling scared about the effects of our lifestyle on
our health. It had a very devastating and dismal effect on our spirits.
It seemed as if we would never be able to undo the damage we had
caused to not only our bodies but also to the environment by consuming
chemically enhanced and modified food as well as other products.
However, Haroon and Jyoti convinced us that it wasn’t too late; that
we could lead a healthy and organic lifestyle, and if not undo, at least
arrest the harm we’d been causing. And that is precisely what we did.
We turned over a new leaf and now follow an organic lifestyle. We eat
only organically produced fresh products and ingredients. Our choice in
clothing and cosmetics have also changed and let me tell you the effect
has been astounding. Now we fall ill less often, feel fresh and healthy
for longer periods of time. Thus with organic living we have found our
path to health and happiness.


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